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Med Spa Services

Whether you’re seeking guidance in looking and feeling like your best self or you know the specific concern you want to address, Ovation Med Spa® can help. Our Houston med spa offers several options in each area of need, so we can make treatment as limited or broad and as targeted or comprehensive as you require. Our solutions are backed by thousands of client success stories and years in use at facilities throughout the United States.

Ovation Med Spa® in Houston Texas

Maybe your goal is to look younger, or to have a slimmer, more attractive body contour.

Or to restore the focus, energy, and drive that seem to have faded over time.

Whether you’ve wanted to do it for years or you’ve just recently decided it’s time for a change, Ovation Med Spa® can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. For more than a decade, Ovation Med Spa® has provided clients with advanced, non-surgical treatments that rejuvenate the body and improve daily life. We help those in our care look and feel better with a host of cosmetic solutions. Our med spa offers ongoing investment in the most advanced treatments and a broad range of aesthetic options. We aren’t restricted to a single technology or approach; instead, we focus on identifying solutions for your individual goals and needs.

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Real Patient Testimonials

“Ovation Med Spa is the best spa in Houston! They have the top of the line technology, including numerous laser options for whatever your needs may be. Their staff is extremely professional, and very friendly.”

– Sherry P.

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Remove Stubborn Fat With Coolsculpting

CoolSculpting® has been featured as the newest, most innovative technology for removing stubborn fat in magazines such as Vogue, Shape Magazine, InStyle, Glamour, Men’s Journal, ‘O’ Magazine and other authority health and wellness sources.

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A tattoo doesn’t have to be permanent

PicoWay tattoo removal can achieve excellent results for almost any tattoo color and skin type. The technology also requires far fewer treatments, which means that you can have results sooner and with less discomfort. Learn More about Tattoo Removal