Vanquish Houston


Reduce fat with advanced technology. Vanquish ME ™ is ideal for people who have larger areas of concern—particularly around the abdomen and thighs—and for whom diet and exercise aren’t providing the right results.

Vanquish targets and eliminates fat with focused RF energy.* The treatment is non-surgical, requires no downtime, and covers a broad region. The result: a faster, more effective outcome for people who want a slimmer body contour.*

Ovation Med Spa’s Approach to Vanquish

Like liposuction, Vanquish selectively reduces fat. Unlike liposuction, there’s no surgery or lengthy recovery.

Without affecting your surface-level skin, Vanquish uses radiating energy to heat your underlying fat. The higher temperature kills the fat cells, and since they don’t regrow, results are extremely long-lasting.

Ovation Med Spa® was one of the first providers in the country to offer Houston Vanquish as a treatment option. In its initial study of 25 clients, every person had visible results after the first treatment and, by the end of four sessions, there was an average of 59% loss of abdominal fat.

Today, Ovation Med Spa® regularly recommends Vanquish and was the first med spa in the world to combine the procedure  with ZWave for even greater fat reduction. Unlike some other fat reduction procedures, clients can be above 30 body mass index, though we do not advise Vanquish for clients who are obese.

What You Can Expect with Vanquish

Plan to take part in four weekly 45-minute sessions at our med spa in Houston. Vanquish is non-invasive; most clients describe the treatment as comfortable and the heat as “a warm feeling, like wearing a heating pad or standing close to a radiator.”

During the process:

  • Your Ovation Med Spa® treatment provider positions the adjustable panels around the area we are treating.
  • The treatment provider uses Vanquish’s sensors to analyze the body fat and customize treatment to your needs.
  • RF energy is applied to target and eliminate fat cells.

After Vanquish

Once the RF waves have destroyed the fat cells, your body should begin to filter these cells out, and the targeted areas should become slimmer and tighter.* Sessions are spaced apart so that your treatment provider can see the progress of your improvement and target the remaining fat more accurately.

After a Vanquish treatment, you may have a few days of mild redness or swelling. This is the result of your body healing internally from the RF energy. Typically, side effects are mild, and our clients are able to participate in most daily activities shortly after treatment.

With Vanquish, Houston clients can remove areas of fat and achieve a slimmer figure.* Make an appointment with Ovation Med Spa® today by calling 713-936-2490 or contacting us online.

*Individual results and experience may vary.